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Nct dorm roommates 2019

Nct dorm roommates 2019


NCT 2018


It's common for the members in a K-Pop group to room together in a dorm, especially in the first few years following their debut. Living together gives the ...

nct: tales of a disaster dorm


NCT 127 Members Profile

What Was Your Favorite NCT Era?

Stage Name: YangYang (양양) Birth Name: Liu YangYang. Position: N/A Birthday: October 10, 2000. Zodiac Sign: Libra Blood Type: O Height: N/A Weight: N/A

Taehyung and Jungkook are roommates in their new dorm part 2 (Taekook analysis)

J-Hope and Jimin get close and personal in a pink petite room.

Xiao Jun

Roommates | Mark X Reader| NCT FanFic | COMPLETELED

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Wanna One's Kang Daniel and NCT's Mark. / Captured from MBC's "It's Dangerous Beyond Blankets"

Which Songs Released in February 2019 were your Favorites?

winwin pics on Twitter: "— winwin's career in nct ♡ he got introduced as an smrookie on january 5th 2016. at that time he shared a dorm with nct's china ...

Photos of BTS' new luxurious dormitory revealed

[N'-52] NCT in SMTOWN OSAKA #2 - The Roommates Part 1 _ TT/KJ/LR


[MONSTA X] Wonho turned the dorm into a fitness center (NCT NIGHT NIGHT)

WayV (威神V, WeiShen V) is the fourth sub-unit of NCT based in China making WayV the first sub-unit in NCT based out of Korea.

6:02 AM - 22 Mar 2018

Another day at NCT's dorm

♡My Roommates♡|| Nct U || ongoing


NCT 127 Affectionately Teases Haechan About Finally Being Able To Appear On A Radio Show

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Now that they've moved to a bigger apartment, the boys are split into pairs!

Why is it that everyone seems to need to do the same thing at the same time. You need to charge your phone? Well, all the outlets are currently being used.

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a typical morning at the nct dream dorm


[ENG] NCT's Dorm Ghost Story

According to their 4th Anniversary Festa Home Party, the BTS boys are split up into 4 rooms.

A day at NCT's dorm


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Taeyong NCT 2018

winwin's career in nct ♡ he got introduced as an smrookie on january 5th 2016. at that time he shared a dorm with nct's china ...

NCT 127 Reveals Which Members Are The Most Tidy, Messy, Noisy, And More

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[TheQoo] Male idols' dorms life

Taeil NCT 2018

Photo: Jungkook at home in Busan, photo by his brother

(nct jisung FF) by hosyeen

NCT U, NCT 127 ...

[NEOSUBS] 180321 Weekly Idol With NCT 2018

NCT U, NCT 127 ...

위험 | m.l NCT by hajirahssk

Then, how about above 40 years old? JS: Uh..... sunbae? Fan: Sunbae? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the hyungs still think you have 8th grade illness, can you write a ment?

Jr (GOT7) || Shownu (MONSTA X) || Hyunkyung (ROMEO) || Dino (SEVENTEEN) || Rocky (ASTRO) || Ten (NCT)

Nct Life, Nct 127, Nct Doyoung, Lucas Nct, Jeno Nct, Jisung

Taeil Entertainment, Nct Taeil, Taeil Nct 127, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Winwin,

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They get to have the largest room because they're the only roommates, and they have a huge closet because of it.


Los Angeles Zoo Names Newborn Pudu Deer After NCT's Haechan After Successful Fundraiser Campaign


NCT 127, NCT U, WAYV ...

Mark NCT

NCT's Jaehyun And Johnny Discuss Their Different Approaches To Love Confessions

nct 127

He has probably the most unique voice among vocalists in NCT and he is evil. He likes to make fun of everyone and dance girl's idols choreographies.

lithium on Twitter: "#NCT #chenle #辰乐 #천러 Chenle doesn't live in the dormitory now. It's said that chenle's mom bought a house in Seoul and stays with ...


J-Hope and Jimin get close and personal in a pink petite room.

ììí° 2018(NCT 2018), 18ì¸ ìì ì²´ ë¨ì²

NCT127, NCT U, was NCT Dream Mark is everywhere. Was in every unit and he is one of the two members with most screen time +his ...

K-Pop Idols Who Will Officially Become Adults In 2019

NCT U, NCT 127 ...

NCT 127, NCT DREAM ...

Sometimes he might seem to be a bit scary lol, but his eyesmile is melting people. I see Jeno as a dad of NCT dream and Jaemin as an evil mother.

winwin appeared in nct u's without you mv with his iconic

NCT Haechan X Reader: Dating the Unexpected by GermanBlackRabbit


NCT U, NCT 127 ...

NCT127, NCT U Yes. You can say that he is face of the group. Almost everyone starts recognizing him first. He has really great voice, ...

Mark Nct, Nct Dream, Ten Chittaphon, Nct Life, Taeil Nct 127,

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NCT 127 ...

Watch Snowball project on Vlive to love him even more. He graduated NCT Dream this year, because he turned 20y.o in korean counting.

Strangers // NCT - Jung Jaehyun

“We've been roommates for a long time now, and I think there's a reason we've been able to stay together for so long. We naturally try to give way to the ...

Profile of NCT 127's Doyoung: Name, Birthday, Height, Plastic Surgery and Facts | Channel-K - Part 2

NCT Dream Savage. There are some videos about his random/extra moments and he is good at drawing. He looks like nerd at times .-.

NCT Mark X Reader: How Long till We Meet? by GermanBlackRabbit

NCT Couple @nct_coupless - [INFO] 190220 • NCT OT21 Roommate. ______ - Pembagian roommate OT21 member NCT dikutip dari berbagai sumber seperti ini: .

3am in the dorm

Jimin: “I love our whole dorm!